My Oda Mae moment

In “Ghost,” there’s a scene were the character Oda Mae needs to rid herself of 4 million dollars in “blood money” before the bad guy comes looking for her. Patrick Swayze’s ghost character points her toward a nun on the street. Wearing the greatest hot pink, shoulder-padded skirt suit and hat ensemble in cinema history, Oda Mae just about loses her mind as she hands the millions over to a nun.

Wearing an earth tone sweatsuit ensemble this morning, I, too, begrudgingly handed over a substantial sum of money. Instead of blood money, it was a pay check from an extra pay period this month. And I certainly wasn’t giving it to charity. The money went toward a credit card debt. In 2019, we debt snowballed our remaining student loans and credit cards, eliminating them one by one. We’re down to one final credit card that we want to smash this spring.

Initially, I planned to put the entire “extra” check toward the credit card. But, at the last minute, I moved some into our emergency fund and added a cushion to the grocery/gas/spending money fund. That still meant more than $1,000 went to the credit card company.

We’re closing in on the finish line, our credit card debt is nearly gone, and maybe that’s why tossing every extra cent onto the fire is starting to wear on me. I’m sick of chucking money at debt. I’m ready to usher it into our savings account. Cash flow the things we need. Invest in index funds. Just a little longer and a whole new era will begin for our family.


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