25 years vs 1 year

We’re still working on our taxes. So no update yet on how exactly this will impact our debt snowball progress. Our personal taxes come together smoothly, but the farm's taxes take longer because there's a lot more to figure out. However, optimism is our friend, so, we’re hoping that our tax refund, along with our … Continue reading 25 years vs 1 year


Making plans to roll our tax refund into the debt snowball

MARCH 2019 One night in late February, Julep started our taxes. Now that I’m physically drawn to the clacking of a calculator, my ears perked up from the living room, and I sat in for part of the process. A preliminary completion of our taxes shows we may get back more than $4,000 this year. … Continue reading Making plans to roll our tax refund into the debt snowball

Staying home to put water on the fire

After reading my way through the entire Mr. Money Mustache blog in a couple of weeks, one message in particular lodged in my brain. If you have debt, Triple M says, you need to imagine that your head is on fire. Debt is toasting your noggin like a marshmallow. This helpful image – my head … Continue reading Staying home to put water on the fire

2 batches of bills

FEBRUARY 2019 With the budget lockdown in place, we have a clearer vision of what the month will look like, as far as spending is concerned. By now, we've fully transitioned to me being the bill payer. I decided to divide the bills into two chunks, rather than paying them one by one, throughout the … Continue reading 2 batches of bills

Turning over a new leaf

DECEMBER 2018 & JANUARY 2019 Probably unfairly, we all attach undesirable traits to ourselves at some point. Hopefully, you think of yourself in positive terms more often than negative, but even one wrong impression of who you are can do a lot of damage. One of the biggest falsehoods I attached to myself was that … Continue reading Turning over a new leaf