The strange things that happened this Christmas

Organizing while I listen to Christmas music and wear sweatpants. This is my perfect day. Christmas is a week and a half away, and instead of scrambling around for presents, or running from place to place, sucking up as much Yuletide fun as humanly possible, we're decluttering our house. We've got family and friends coming … Continue reading The strange things that happened this Christmas


Summer update

It's been so long since my last post, it took 10 minutes to remember how to get back into my own blog. Speaking of slow but eventual progress, we've almost reached the half-way point to paying off our student loan/credit card debt. With the student loans paid off, and a couple of "small" (no such … Continue reading Summer update

Balance transfer? Nah.

After crunching the numbers for how long it would take us to smash our last personal credit card to smithereens, I panicked. The card has about $10,000 on it. It has a minimum payment of about $300 per month. Currently, we're racking up about $170 dollars in interest every month. I messaged my husband, telling … Continue reading Balance transfer? Nah.

The link between my weight and my shopping

Historically, I've gained anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds every winter. I'm a short person, so this amount makes a huge difference in my appearance. In the fair weather months, I love to walk about 3 miles a day, and I work on our farm, sometimes from morning until night. So, by around July of … Continue reading The link between my weight and my shopping

3 debts down!

The big moment finally arrived! We paid off our first debt. Actually, our first three debts! We paid off a high-interest Home Depot credit card that burdened us for about three years, as well as a $2,000 credit card, and the remainder of our student loans (about $2,000). We've been on a budget lockdown since … Continue reading 3 debts down!

Missing out

Today was the first time we really missed out on something fun because of the budget lockdown. For Saint Patrick's Day, friends were kissing winter goodbye at an indoor water park that's about an hour from us. Just the tickets alone for this outing would have set us back well over $100, not to mention … Continue reading Missing out

Staying home to put water on the fire

After reading my way through the entire Mr. Money Mustache blog in a couple of weeks, one message in particular lodged in my brain. If you have debt, Triple M says, you need to imagine that your head is on fire. Debt is toasting your noggin like a marshmallow. This helpful image – my head … Continue reading Staying home to put water on the fire