Where we stand today

It's been almost exactly a year since my last post. What a different world we live in now. Let me start by saying, we're safe and healthy here, and I hope that you are, too. This pandemic has broken a lot of hearts, and if yours was one of them, I'm so very sorry. Here, … Continue reading Where we stand today


My Oda Mae moment

In "Ghost," there's a scene were the character Oda Mae needs to rid herself of 4 million dollars in "blood money" before the bad guy comes looking for her. Patrick Swayze's ghost character points her toward a nun on the street. Wearing the greatest hot pink, shoulder-padded skirt suit and hat ensemble in cinema history, … Continue reading My Oda Mae moment

The strange things that happened this Christmas

Organizing while I listen to Christmas music and wear sweatpants. This is my perfect day. Christmas is a week and a half away, and instead of scrambling around for presents, or running from place to place, sucking up as much Yuletide fun as humanly possible, we're decluttering our house. We've got family and friends coming … Continue reading The strange things that happened this Christmas

My list

In an interview about his documentary, “Playing with FIRE,” Scott Rieckens said he asked his wife to make a list of things that make her happy during the week. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the documentary yet, so I’m not sure if they go into her list, but, according to Scott, it included … Continue reading My list